Frequently Asked Questions: macOS 11 Big Sur

Article Id: Frequently Asked Questions: Last updated date: 11-09-2020

If you recently updated to latest version of Big Sur and the Drobo is not recognized, restart the Drobo and the Mac. If the Drobo is still not recognized check System Preferences as indicated below.

For Thunderbolt Accessibility, please download and install Dashboard v3.6.1 or later.  

Select Drobo Model:

Q: Is Drobo compatible with macOS 11.x, Big Sur

​A: Big Sur is compatible with the NAS (Network Attached) Drobo's and the DAS (Direct Attached) Drobo's. For Thunderbolt compatibility install Dashboard v3.6.1 

We would also strongly encourage you to have a backup of your data, experts agree that having 3 copies of your data is optimal. This also ensures continuous access to your data in the even of natural disaster or human error. If you do not have a backup, sign up today for a free 90-day subscription of the Drobo DataProtect Program! Easily protect your data using a destination of your choice. To learn more visit:

Q: Is there anything I should be aware of when using Big Sur (masOS 11)? 

1. In some cases, when powering up the Drobo, the Drobo volume mounts on the desktop as generic orange volume. We are looking into this issue, in the interim:
- Unplug the data cable from the back of Drobo, wait a few seconds, then plug back in. 
If this does not work:
- Restart the Drobo by going to Drobo Dashboard > Tools > Restart

2.  If using the Mac M1, see -  New Mac M1 If using the Mac M1 (Silicon) stay on Dashboard v3.6.1, if you do not have this version let us know. 

3. Some may notice the Dashboard is transparent, we are looking into this. ​

Q. Drobo Dashboard does not detect the Drobo

A. The 5D3 has 3 ports, 2 are Thunderbolt 3, 1 is USB C. If using Mac that has Thunderbolt 2 port, you will need an adapter. 

Mac with Thunderbolt 1 or 2 ports:

Q: What should I do before updating to Big Sur macOS 11? 

A: We recommend the following:

* Ensure you have a backup of the data on your computer 
* Drobo should be on latest Firmware & Dashboard:
* Have a minimum of 3 copies of the data that you have on Drobo:
* Shutdown the Drobo during the macOS update:  How do I safely shut down my Drobo device?

Q: Drobo volume is not mounting

A: Do the following:
* Restart the Drobo, Drobo Dashboard > Tools > Restart 
* Restart the Mac 

If still does not recognize:
2. From Apple Icon, go to System Preferences
* System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General, If you see "Some System Software was Blocked from Loading" and this references Drobo, click Allow

* System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy, scroll down and click Full Disk Access, scroll through the list on the right side. Look for any one of the following files (there may only be one): 

​Drobo Dashboard 

If you have any of these files, click the box to the left of the file name. 
NOTE:  Unlock the padlock to make any changes.

3. If the Drobo is still not recognized:

* Uninstall/Reinstall the Drobo Dashboard as follows:
  1. Quit the Drobo Dashboard 
  2. Open the Drobo Dashboard installer and select "uninstall":  What is the proper way to uninstall and re-install Drobo Dashboard
  3. When Uninstall is finished, open it again and select install. 
  4. When the installation is finished, go to System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Privacy 
  5. Find "Full disk access" on the left side of the window
  6. Now look on the right and make sure that "DDService64" on the right has a check mark by it. If it does not, then you may have to use the unlock in the lower left to unlock and then check the box. 
  7. When done, now open Drobo Dashboard. 
  8. Go to System Preferences > Security and Privacy > General, the bottom half of this window you the following. Please click the Allow button. 

  1. When that is done close Dashboard 
  2. Reboot the Mac.
  3. Once Mac is up and running, now power on or connect the Drobo (if it wasn’t already).

4. If the above does not work, it may be necessary to enable kernel extensions by going into Recovery mode:

If using Intel Based Mac:
Boot to the Mac to Recovery Mode, as follows:
- Restart the Mac and hold down the Command + R keys on your keyboard
- Once in Recovery mode go to Utilities and select Terminal

Type In: 
kmutil trigger-panic-medic -R "/Volumes/Macintosh HD"

In the Terminal window you will see:  "Triggering Panic Medic to enable booting into: /Volumes/Macintosh HD Panic Medic done. All third party kexts have been unapproved and uninstalled from /Volumes/Macintosh HD”

- In Terminal, type Reboot 
- When back on the Mac Desktop, you will see message with regards to Panic Medic Boot along with another Panic Medic Message stating which Driver needs to be unblocked.

- Launch Drobo Dashboard 
- Click Ok for Panic Medic Message
- Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General.  You may see option to "Allow" blocked service, click Allow
- Is the Dashboard now discovered, if not re-launch the Drobo Dashboard 

If this did not resolve, simply restart the Drobo by using the toggle switch on the back of the Drobo. 

2. If using Mac M1 (silicon), to get into Recovery Mode:

The Mac may prompt you to do Recovery Mode, to do this: