macOS 10.15 Catalina - Frequently Asked Questions

Article Id: Catalina - Frequently Asked Questions Last updated date: 10-11-2019

Q. How should I proceed to update to macOS 10.15 Catalina? 

A. Good question, we have outlined the steps in this document:

You should also ensure you have the latest Drobo Firmware and Dashboard for Drobo, these can be found here:


Q. Will my Drobo work with macOS 10.15 Catalina? 

A. We have tested the following products with Catalina

Ensure you are using the latest Firmware and Dashboard for the Drobo:

These products went through minimal testing, 5D, 5N, Gen 3 & Gen 2 and were found to be okay. 

Q. Since I upgraded, the Drobo Dashboard does not recognize Drobo.

A. If the Drobo is listed as supported, check the following:
  1. Apple Icon > System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General: If there is an ALLOW button, click this to enable Drobo Dashboard Service
  2. Apple Icon > System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > If Drobo Dashboard is listed here, click the box to enable
  3. Uninstall/Reinstall Drobo Dashboard: What is the proper way to uninstall and re-install Drobo Dashboard

Q. Upgraded to Catalina, I no longer see my Time Machine Backup 

A. Apple has renamed the Time Machine backup file, please consult with Apple for next steps. 


Q. Drobo Dashboard no longer recognizes Drobo on Catalina

A. Uninstall and then Reinstall the Drobo Dashboard:
Q. The Drobo Diagnostic file is not generating correctly.  
Q. Unable to Format Drobo
Q. Power light on Drobo is Yellow
Q Drobo Dashboard no longer recognizes Drobo on Catalina 

A. Do the following:
Step 1.
Apple icon > System Preferences > Security > Privacy 
From the left side of the menu, scroll down and find "Full Disk Access" and find any and all Drobo files and check the box for all that apply, scroll down and check for DDService64d, DDAssist or Drobo Dashboard.  You may have all of these, you may only have one or two of these files. This may also be under "Files and Folders" 

If the list on the right is grayed out you may have to unlock the lock icon on the bottom right and then enter the computer password to unlock. 

Now generate the Drobo Diagnostic file. 
If the Diagnostic file is still not generating correctly, go to the menu bar and Quit the Drobo Dashboard.

Next, go to Activity Monitor and Force Quit any one of the following Drobo Services by double clicking on it and selecting Quit:
Drobo Dashboard

You should now be able to generate the diagnostic file.