What do the Drobo lights mean?

Article Id: AA-01770 Last updated date: 10-05-2017

Article Id: AA-01770Last updated date: 01-20-2017

Depending on the if you have a 5 bay or 8 bay Drobo device please use the diagrams below for drive bay light information: 


To see if your Drobo is booting normally, check the following article:

What should the lights look like during a normal boot process for my Drobo?

Youtube Vidoe: Understanding the Drobo lights

Important drive bay light conditions and additional information:

  • Normal boot = Drive bay lights solid Green, power light Green and correct number of blue capacity lights.
  • When all lights are flashing yellow, the Drobo may be in initialization mode.
  • If the drive bay lights on the Drobo are flashing green & yellow, the Drobo is in Data Protection mode.     
If any of the following conditions exist, power off the Drobo and contact support:
  • If the Drobo device is in Data Protection  and begins to reboot.
  • Drobo device fails to boot completely or is constantly rebooting.
  • Drive bay lights are all Red: too many hard drives removed.
  • If have a drive in the Drobo but the Drive Bay light is not lit or blinks red after it has been replaced.