Can I really use any hard drive I want in Drobo?

Article Id: AA-01757 Last updated date: 08-21-2017

You can mix and match drive capacities and manufacturers. But often times, the type of drive you select can have a big impact on the performance of the Drobo due to the manufacture standards and how it functions with either NAS, DAS or SAN units. 

To see the largest size drive you can use in Drobo, see: 

Maximum Volume and Drive Size 

Which SSD's work in Drobo?

For detailed information and list of recommended or drives,  see:

Currently, we do not recommend using the following drives in Drobo:


  • All SMR drives are incompatible and not recommended for use with Drobo and may not be listed above
  • If you are not performing a Migration (moving drives from one Drobo to another), and are using drives with existing data on them, and you wish to use these drives in Drobo, you first need to copy the data off of these drives or else the data will be erased when you insert these drives into Drobo
  • While the Drobo Mini utilizes small form factor 2.5" drives the rest of the Drobo products use the large form factor 3.5" drives. This guide will focus on the 3.5" drive and SSD technologies to help you select the right drives for your application, allowing you to balance acquisition cost and performance requirements versus capacity requirements. 
  • Regarding 4K Native Sector Drives:  4K sector drives