Can I move my drives from one Drobo storage device to another?

Article Id: AA-01707 Last updated date: 08-21-2017

Article Id: AA-01707 Last updated date: 04-11-2017

This Knowledge Base article will guide you through the steps in order to migrate a disk-pack from one Drobo to another. While migrations between Drobo's of the same family are supported, it is important that these guidelines are followed. Read our web page entitled Drobo Migration to see which Drobo disk packs can be migrated to other Drobo products.

Important! In order to safely migrate a Drobo disk-pack onto another Drobo, the following criteria must be met:


When is it okay to Migrate: 

  • The Drobo Firmware and Dashboard should be current version:‚Äč (If the firmware on the original Drobo is not up to date and the original Drobo is no longer powering on, we have no way of knowing what firmware version was last on the Drobo. In this case, when the drives are migrated the Drobo will come up to all Solid Red lights. At this point generate a diagnostic file: How do I generate a diagnostic file?)
  • The data on the original Drobo must be or have been accessible. In cases where the original Drobo has a physical issue, i.e. no longer powers on, bad slot.. It is okay to migrate. 

Before Migrating, consider the following: 

  • Migrating the drives from one Drobo to another Drobo is a great way to quickly gain acces to your data, especially in situations where your original Drobo is no longer powering on. 
  • If you do have access to the data on the original Drobo, we encourage you to manually copy the data from the original Drobo to the new Drobo. The reason for this is as follows: 

1. The newer Drobo models have a larger maximum volume size, 64TB/128TB. 
2. The older Drobo models have a maximum 16TB or smaller maximum volume size. When you migrate or move the drives from an older model Drobo to a newer model Drobo, the smaller volume size will carry over to the new unit. This is okay but you will eventually hit a plateau where the smaller maximum volume size will be exceeded and the space beyond 16TB cannot be used to store data. 
3. To resolve the 16TB maximum volume size limitation, you will need to backup all of the data on Drobo then perform the Erase and Factory Reset. Then copy the data back to Drobo:  Drobo 5N; Drobo 5D: 64TB Volume Support. This can be done after you migrate is migrating is the only way to gain access to the data. 

How to migrate drives from one Drobo to another: 

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