How do I Register my Drobo?

Article Id: AA-01607 Last updated date: 08-21-2017

So that we may best assist you, please make sure that your Drobo is registered.

To register your Drobo:
1.     From this page, Drobo Support Portal, click on the Register Product button
2.     Login if prompted.
3.     Then enter your device information.

At this point, we strongly encourage you to purchase DroboCare. DroboCare enhances and extends your hardware warranty, DroboCare also ensures that you get 24x5 support for your Drobo long after your warranty ends and if anything should go wrong with your Drobo, having DroboCare allows you to get an advanced replacement for your device. You must purchase DroboCare before your warranty expires.

For more information on DroboCare, please see the DroboCare:‚Äč
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