What SSDs can I use with the Drobo

Article Id: AA-01428 Last updated date: 11-30-2017

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To see which Drobo's support SSD/mSATA's.

Refer to the "Choose a Drive" page for configuration recommendations. When using the Drobo with a mix of SSDs and HDDs however, the Drobo will limit the speed of the SSDs to the speed of the HDDs, similar to how the Drobo works with drives of different rotational speeds. Therefore it is recommended to use either all SSDs or all HDDs in the drive bays with the option of an mSATA SSD in the expansion bay.

Information on installing drives can be found in the User Guides.

Below is a list of recommended SSDs, make sure you have the most current firmware version installed on your Drobo. More SSDs may be added to this list over time.


Drobo storage arrays do not support most SanForce-based SSDs. For details, please visit this article.

Most SSDs are only available in a 2.5" form factor, while thedrive bays only accept 3.5" drives. To use 2.5" drives, you will need to acquire a carrier to convert it to 3.5". Drobo has tested the solutions from Icy Dock and their full metal products work well, specifically, products such as:

ICYDOCK MB982SP-1S (SATA): http://www.icydock.com/goods.php?id=134 .  ICYDOCK converters are not included. 

Drobo Mini: Some 2.5" SSD's come with a plastic bracket or railing along the top of the drive, these drives will not properly fit in the Drobo Mini. Check Manufacturers warranty before removing.

NOTE: SandForce based SSD/mSATA's do not work with Drobo.